AABB 2017 San Diego

We invite you to join us at the following events during the upcoming AABB Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

 Cerus Industry Workshop - AABB 2017

Please plan to join us for the Cerus Industry Workshop at AABB 2017 on Tuesday Oct 10. The presentations begin at 7am. Breakfast will be served. No RSVP is required.

EXPERIENCES IN IMPLEMENTING PATHOGEN REDUCTION– From Maintaining Split Rates at the Blood Center to Treating Patients at the Hospital

Tuesday Oct 10, 2017
Room 24 A/B
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Program Description:

Pathogen reduction is being implemented to mitigate transfusion- transmitted infectious risks and potentially TA-GVHD risk, in light of high-risk patient populations, anticipated FDA guidance for bacterial contamination and Zika virus1 requirements. To-date, over 40 US centers are either already distributing or are preparing to distribute pathogen reduced platelets to hospitals. This session will highlight experiences after implementing pathogen reduction at both the blood center and hospital. Blood center considerations to be discussed include methods used to optimize the availability of pathogen reduced products, such as the adjusting or “splitting”2 of larger collections to meet INTERCEPT Blood System specifications, and the optimization of collection platform settings. Patient benefits in receiving transfusion-ready pathogen reduced platelet products will also be discussed from a hospital’s perspective.

Our program will include:

  • Introduction: Integration of Pathogen Reduced Platelets into the Yale Blood Supply
    Dr. Ed Snyder, Director, Transfusion/Apheresis/Tissue Implantation Services at Yale-New Haven Hospital

  • Optimizing Platelet Production to Maximize INTERCEPT Compatibility
    Elan Weiner, Director of Deployment and Blood Center Services at Cerus

  • Hospital Adoption of Transfusion-Ready Pathogen Reduced Blood Products
    Dr. Dawn Ward, Associate Medical Director at UCLA Health System

Pathogen Reduction Oral and Poster Presentations

Sixteen posters and 3 orals describing experiences with the INTERCEPT Blood System will be presented at AABB. Key presentations of interest include the following. For a full list of abstracts presented at AABB, including those below, please visit the AABB Program listing here.

Oral Presentations:
  • Oral (Monday, October 9, 2017 | San Diego Convention Center, Room 29A | Clinical Session: Components - Novel Platelet Product Characterization and Testing):
    Compatibility of Apheresis Platelet Collections with Pathogen Reduction While Maintaining Current Split Rates (Elan Weiner, Vera Chrebtow)

  • Oral (Monday, October 9, 2017 | San Diego Convention Center, Room 25AB | Clinical Oral Abstract Session: Transfusion Transmitted Diseases - Classic Viruses):
    Robust Inactivation of Mayaro Virus in Platelet Concentrates and Red Blood Cells using nucleic acid targeting pathogen reduction technologies (PRT) (Felicia Santa Maria, Andrew Laughhunn, Yvette Girard, Peter Bringmann, Marion Lanteri, Adonis Stassinopoulos)

  • Oral (Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | San Diego Convention Center, Room 30ABC | Clinical Session: Transfusion Transmitted Diseases - Bacteria and Parasites): 
    Hemovigilance Monitoring of Platelet Septic Transfusion Reactions (STR) after Treatment with INTERCEPTtm Pathogen Reduction or Large Volume, Delayed BacT/ALERTtm Bacterial Culture Screening. (Richard Benjamin, Marion Lanteri, Laurence Corash)

On Display During Exhibition Hours: San Diego Convention Center, Poster Hall E
Poster Session: Saturday, October 7th, 12 noon - 2:00pm


  • Poster AP49: Cost and Shelf Life Implications of Pathogen Reduced Platelets: A Hospital Budget Impact Model (Prioli KM, Lyons NM, Karp JK, Herman JH, Pizzi LT)
  • Poster AP64: Logistical Management of the Incorporation of Pathogen Reduced Single Donor Platelets (PR-SDP) into Inventory at a U.S. Tertiary Care Medical Center (Eric Gehrie, MD1,2, Rebecca Ross3, Debra Mraz3, Anne Baker3, Zenna Neal3, Ms. Melanie Champion, MBA, MT(ASCP)SBB, HP, CQA(ASQ)3 and Dr. Edward L. Snyder, MD2,3, (1)Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, (2)Yale University, New Haven, CT, (3)Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT)
  • Poster BP12: In Vitro Quality Of Single Dose Amotosalen/UVA Treated Platelets In 35% Plasma/65% PAS-3 After 5 Days Of Storage (Crystal Stanley, Marguerite Kelher, Nero Evero, Melissa VonGoetz, Betsy Donnelly, Anna Erickson)
  • Poster BP18: The impact of the pathogen reduction and storage medium on the platelet activation in platelet concentrates (Azimova M.H., Galstyan G.M., Gaponova T.V., Galtseva I.V., Davydova Y.O., Kapranov N.M., Savchenko V.G.)
  • Poster CP40: Compatibility of Platelet Collections for Treatment with the Intercept Blood System for Platelets (Meredith Lummer, Christian Todd)
  • Poster CP45: Evaluation of an INTERCEPT Platelet Processing Set To Yield Three Pathogen Reduced Apheresis Platelet Components (Anna Erickson, Crystal Stanley, Marguerite Kelher, Nero Evero, Hermelinda Evans, Michelle Gatmaitan, Melissa von Goetz, Nina Mufti)
  • Poster CP67: Validation Of The Pathogen Reduction Method Using Amotosalen/UVA : Comparing Pathogen-Reduced Pooled PRP-Platelets And Conventional Single PRP Platelets For Quality And Bacterial Inactivation Efficacy (Lubna Almenawi, Ayman M Sabry, Ali Alajeafi, Ashwag Alhekri, Ali Alkhodari, Rawiah Shealy, Marcus Picard-Maureau, Hussein Almalki)
  • Poster CP155: Phased Integration of Pathogen Reduced Platelets (PR-PLTS) into Inventory at an Academic Medical Center and Preliminary Assessment of Impact on Pediatric Patient Care (Gehrie E, Spencer B, Merenda S, Gokhale A, Palmarozza R, Hendrickson J, Ross R, Snyder E.)
  • Poster CP274: Comparison Of Clinical Efficacy And Safety Of The Pathogen Reduced And γ –Irradiated Platelet Concentrates (Azimova M.H., Galstyan G.M., Gaponova T.V., Drokov M.Y., Dubinkin I.V Zhuravlev V.V., Mihaylova E.A.)
  • Poster CP326: Effective Pathogen Inactivation with amotosalen/UVA using a Triple Storage (TS) Set for Platelet Components (Nidhi Patel, Felicia Santa Maria, Kelsey Goldbeck, Andrew Laughhunn, Cheryl Goldbeck, Shannon McNally, Tatiana Wilson, Oscar Aguilera and Adonis Stassinopoulos)
  • Poster 358: Robust Inactivation of the Yellow Fever Virus 17D Strain Can Be Achieved Using Amotosalen and UVA Light for Pathogen Reduction Treatment (PRT) Of Platelet Components (Andrew Laughhunn, Felicia Santa Maria, Yvette Girard, Peter Bringmann, Marion Lanteri, Adonis Stassinopoulos)3


  • Poster CP327: Efficient Inactivation of MERS Coronavirus In Human Plasma with Amotosalen and UVA Light (Salwa I Hindawi, Anwar M Hashem, Ghazi A Damanhouri, Sherif A El-Kafrawy, Ahmed Sherif, Esam I Azhar)
  • Poster CP343: Pathogen Reduced FFP and PF24 Cryoprecipitate Retain In Vitro Hemostatic Capacity 5 Days Post Thaw (Travis Berry, Patricia Schmidt, N Lakshman, Melissa von Goetz, Anne North, Nina Mufti and Lawrence Corash)4

Red Blood Cells:5

  • Poster BP7: Compatibility of the INTERCEPT® Blood System for Red Blood Cells5 (RBC) with Leukocyte Reduced (LR) AS-1, AS-3 and AS-5 RBCs (Mary Ann Schott, Blake Warbington, Garrett Villegas, Nina Mufti, Anna Erickson)
  • Poster CP355: Qualification Of The Intercept Blood System For Red Blood Cells5 At Banco De Sangre De Servicios Mutuos (Jannet Rodriguez, Jose O. Alsina, Alina Raffucci Pino, Dayra O’Neill Maldonado, Ismael Rodriguez, Blake Warbington, Garrett Villegas, Anna Erickson, Katharina Waldhaus)
All Blood Products:
  • Poster CP325: Effective Inactivation Of Ross River Virus In Blood Components Through Nucleic Acid Targeting (A Laughhunn, F Santa Maria, YA. Girard, et al.)6
  • Poster CP335: Inactivation Of Plasmodium Falciparum With A System Designed For Treating Whole Blood In The Developing World (A Laughhunn, C Sow, P Grellier, et al.)7

Cerus Booth

The Cerus /INTERCEPT Booth #1910 will be located in the main AABB Exhibition hall. 

 floorplan for web

1) Data for pathogen reduction of the Zika virus by the INTERCEPT Blood System have not been submitted for FDA review. 2) Blood centers should follow local and state regulations when implementing "adjusting" or "splitting" practices and consult the FDA if they intend to establish a pathway for product licensure. 3) Data for pathogen reduction of Yellow Fever Virus by the INTERCEPT Blood System, pathogen reduction system, has not been submitted for FDA review. 4) Data for pathogen reduction of cryoprecipitate by the INTERCEPT Blood System, pathogen reduction system, has not been submitted for FDA review. 5) The INTERCEPT Blood System for Red Blood Cells is in development and is not approved for sale. 6) Data for pathogen reduction of the Ross River Virus by the INTERCEPT Blood System have not been submitted for FDA review. 7) Data for pathogen reduction in whole blood by the INTERCEPT Blood System have not been submitted for FDA review.