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We invite you to join us at the following events during the upcoming AABB 2020 Virtual Meeting

Virtual Exhibit Hall: Oct 3-5, 12:15 - 2:15PM

Meet the Poster Authors: Oct 4, 1:15-2:15PM

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Pathogen Reduction Oral and Poster Presentations

Posters and Orals describing experiences with the INTERCEPT Blood System will be presented at AABB.

For a full list of abstracts presented at AABB, including those below, please visit the AABB Program listing here

Oral Presentations:

  • Optimizing US Platelet Supply by Shifting Minimum Platelet Dose (OA3-AM20-16)
    Travis Berry, Meredith Lummer

    Saturday Oct 3, 2020  -  7:15PM-8:15PM in Virtual Room 4


On Display in Virtual Poster Hall


  • Optimizing Platelet Availability and Access to a ~100% Pathogen Reduced Inventory (P-BB-49)
    Tracy Collier, Vera Chrebtow, Patricia Schmidt

  • In Vitro Quality of Trima Platelets in 35% Plasma/65% PAS-3 Treated with INTERCEPT After 7-Days Storage (P-BB-39)
    Jamie Genthe, Crystal Stanley, Kathleen Kelly et al

  • In Vitro Evaluation of Platelets Stored for 7 Days Prepared with INTERCEPT Blood System (P-BB-38)
    Jamie R. Genthe, Waseem Anani, Jose A. Cancelas et al

  • Amotosalen/UVA Treatment of Apheresis PC Using the INTERCEPT Platelet Processing Set with Triple Storage Containers Inactivated Bacteria to Sterility after 7 Days of Storage (P-BB-5)
    Thea Lu, Pallavi Nahata, Melissa McCormack et al

  • Hemovigilance Data Track the Safety of Amotosalen/UVA Platelets in France Over 9 Years and Contribute to Post-Market Surveillance Requirements (P-PH-3)
    John Pitman, Marie Perez, Tanya O’Neal et al

  • Costs and Reimbursements for Bacterial Risk Control Strategies for Platelets: Results from a Hospital Budget Impact Model (P-IV-4)
    Katherine M. Prioli, Jay H. Herman, and Laura T. Pizzi

  • Replacement of Vector-Borne Disease Deferrals by Robust Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT): A Study Based on Pathogen Loads in Blood Donors and Inactivation Efficacy (P-BB-58)
    Susan L. Stramer, Marion C. Lanteri, Bryan Spencer et al


  • Efficient Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in Human Plasma with Amotosalen and Ultraviolet A Light Treatment (P-LB-14)
    Esam I. Azhar, Salwa I. Hindawi, Sherif A. El-Kafrawy et al

  • The Effect of Freezing Amotosalen-UVA Treated Plasma 8, 16, and 24 Hours Post-Collection on Coagulation Factor Retention in Cryoprecipitate (P-BB-66)
    Kaja Kaastrup, Meredith Lummer, Kristen Soltis et al

  • Preservation of Sars-Cov-2 Neutralizing Antibodies (nAb) or Anti-Nucleocapsid Proteins (NP) in Convalescent Donor Plasma (CCP) Treated with Amotosalen/UVA Illumination (A/UVA) (P-LB-22)
    Silvano Wendel, Rita CL Fontão-Wendel, Roberta Fachini et al

Cerus Booth

Please stop by and visit us at the virtual Cerus /INTERCEPT booth located in the virtual exhibition hall.