INTERCEPT Processing Steps

Simple and Straightforward

Simple and Straightforward

The INTERCEPT® Blood System is comprised of disposable kits and a UVA illuminator. While the same process and UVA Illuminator are applied for both platelets and plasma, different kit types are used.

The use of the INTERCEPT Blood System pathogen reduction system entails four easy steps.

  1. Add amotosalen
    Add amotosalen
  2. Inactivate pathogens
    UVA illumination activates amotosalen, initiating permanent cross-links in DNA and RNA
  3. Remove residual amotosalen
    Removal of any residual amotosalen and its photoproducts with Compound Adsorption Device (CAD)
  4. Store/use mixture
    Transfer mixture to storage containers and store until ready to use

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