Webinar: Optimizing Your Blood Center's Pathogen Reduced Platelet Inventory

The FDA bacterial guidance outlines strategies to reduce the risk of bacterial transfusion transmission (TTI) in platelet components, including pathogen reduction (PR) and various testing approaches. This webinar highlights two case studies that demonstrate how blood centers can achieve a >70% pathogen reduced platelet component inventory to meet hospital demand, while complying with FDA Guidance requirements.

Case studies presented will:

    • Show the development of a PR scale-up plan correlated to hospital demand and roll-out
    • Describe measures implemented to achieve an inventory of ~100% pathogen reduced platelets
    • Illustrate how PR increased platelet availability through decreased expiry rates with the elimination of culture holds

Watch the replay

Click here or the image below. Runtime: ~35 minutes

Presented by:
Beau Robertson – Cerus Corporation
Nichole Miller – Versiti Blood Center of Michigan
Tracy Collier – Community Blood Bank of NWPA and WNY