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Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex (INTERCEPT® Fibrinogen Complex or IFC) and INTERCEPT® treated Platelets: Expanding the Use of Pathogen Reduction for Improved Blood Safety and Availability

The majority of the US platelet supply, over 1.4 million units each year, are pathogen reduced. Leading institutions such as UC Health System and the American Red Cross have chosen a predominantly pathogen reduced platelet inventory based in part on the comprehensive safety profile that pathogen reduction provides. Such institutions are now expanding the use of pathogen reduction for other components and applications, specifically IFC. This workshop provides real-world, pragmatic perspectives on the implementation of and use of IFC and INTERCEPT Platelets.

Adrian Alvarado
Senior Supervisor, Clinical Laboratories Transfusion Service
UCSF Health at Parnassus Heights
San Francisco, California

Adrian Alvarado has over 11 years of dedicated experience at UCSF spanning various roles within the Transfusion Department. Today, Adrian serves as the Sr. Supervisor at the Parnassus Heights campus where he oversees critical aspects of Transfusion Service operations.

He served a pivotal role in the implementation of INTERCEPT® Fibrinogen Complex (IFC), across Parnassus and Mount Zion campuses at UCSF. This included optimization of workflow and SOPs, billing integration, EHS ordering, and LIS build.

Previous roles include Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) at UCSF and at Stanford Health.

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