INTERCEPT Blood System for Plasma, pathogen reduction system

Product description

The INTERCEPT Blood System for Plasma is compatible with apheresis or whole-blood derived plasma and is comprised of disposable kits as well as a UVA illuminator. The INTERCEPT treatment for plasma and platelets occurs on the same illuminator platform for optimal efficiency.

INTERCEPT Plasma processing set


The INTERCEPT Blood System for Plasma consists of a single use, integrated, fluid path plasma processing set. (left to right): Amotosalen solution container, illumination container, Compound Adsorption Device (CAD), and final storage containers.

One INTERCEPT treatment set yields 3 treated plasma doses from a standard apheresis unit. Alternatively, two or three whole-blood derived plasma units can be pooled to produce up to three INTERCEPT-processed, 200mL plasma doses.

Specifications and processing range requirements

  Plasma Set
Plasma input volume 585-650 mL
RBC <4 x 106 /mL
Avg CAD flow time ~10 min
Transfusion units/treatment 2 or 3 (user options)
Transfusion unit volume ~200-325 mL
Type of collection apheresis or whole blood*
Integrated storage containers 3

*Use of whole blood plasma typically requires pooling of two or three individual plasma units to meet plasma input volume range for treatment.


INTERCEPT INT100 Illuminator


The UVA Illuminator is stackable, by two, for maximum space efficiency.

Illuminator Specifications
Power supply 120 V, 60 Hz, 3 A
Measurements Height = 14.5", Width = 45", Depth = 29"
Weight 152 lbs
Stackable by 2 instruments

The Illuminator should be used in environmental conditions that meet the following:
• Temperature  18-30°C
• Humidity <80%